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Mental Illness Awareness & Support:

  • Mental illness is one of the greatest health challenges we face today. The mental health of our citizens is a central component to creating and achieving goals in education, public safety, and economic prosperity. I will promote policies and programs that champion this cause.
  • If you are struggling with a mental illness, I want you to know that you are not alone. If you do not have access to resources, I will work to connect you with the services provided by the city. I will also work to promote policies and educational opportunities to help all those who are silently struggling in our district and the greater Nashville community.

Public Safety:

  • We need to take care of the people who take care of us. Our Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Department & Emergency Communications Center are undermanned and underfunded. I will fight to get them the resources they need to protect and serve our community.
  • An engaged community is a safer community. See the Get to Know Your Neighbor Initiative to see how we can create a more engaged and informed community.

Get To Know Your Neighbor Initiative:

An engaged and informed community is a strong community.
  • District 4 Service Nights: Once a quarter I will set up an opportunity for residents of our community to serve as a group at a charitable organization in the Middle Tennessee region.
  • District 4 Learning Nights: I will host seminars with industry and community leaders in the Middle Tennessee area for residents of District 4. You will have a chance to gather as a community and engage with professionals who are working to make Nashville a safer & stronger community.
  • Community Coffee Hour: I will sponsor regular district meet ups at local establishments so residents have another opportunity to engage with me face to face, all while supporting local businesses.
  • News Updates: Communication is key for success in any industry. My team will create a digital communications hub that will feed you updates on happenings in District 4 and the city at large.
  • Your Voice Matters


It is unacceptable that families feel they must leave our community because the school system will not provide an adequate education for their children. I will work with the school board and metro council to:

  • fight for increased funding for MNPS,  
  • promote policies that will make Metro Nashville Schools more competitive,
  • make our teacher’s efforts in the class more effective.

The more educated, resilient and adaptable our children are, the more prosperous our community will be.


It is time we focus on construction that makes life better for the residents of Nashville.
  • Affordable Housing:  Nashville’s residents are being priced out of homes because of the real estate boom. We have to make sure we’re making life better for the people who live here, not just the people we are trying to attract.
  • Edmondson Pike: Edmondson Pike needs to be widened.
    • Once completed, this will help alleviate with the increased traffic our area has been experiencing from the city’s unprecedented growth.
    • It will also make it easier for first responders to reach victims in need.


We need action, not politics.

Transportation issues in Nashville are real and getting worse by the day. We need a plan that is designed with community input, economically and technologically feasible, and reduces the numbers of cars on the road. We cannot afford for our representatives play politics and kick the can down the road any longer.

Your Voice Matters

Nashville needs to hear from you! You know the issues that Amy and I are passionate about, but our community vision is not complete without your input. What is your vision for District 4?