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Meet Mike

What my campaign manager told me to write:

Currently Mike serves as an Adjunct Professor and  the Director of Young Alumni at Belmont University.  During the first half of his career, he served as the Director of Client Services & Special Projects for the artist management firm SEG, Inc. The organization provided career management services for clients whose collective career sales have exceeded (315) million records worldwide. The roster included Grammy® award-winning artists & producers, a Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductee, Multi-platinum recordings artists, a New York Times Best Selling author & an Emmy® nominated composer.

Mike and his fiancé, Amy, have lived in Nashville for over 17 years and have two dogs, Carraway and Farnhorn Saxsmith.

What I wanted to say:

Fred Rogers is one of my heroes. He always walked with kindness and confidence in his heart. He treated everyone with the utmost respect but was never afraid to speak up for what he thought was right. That message rang true to me as a child and even more as an adult.

I grew up in a middle class family and had people very close to me struggle from severe mental illness. Their fight fuels me my work in the classroom and in business. At Belmont I give students the tools to retrain their brains to effectively deal with fear, insecurity, & ego. We help them build courage, the courage to not fall into addiction, to fail upward, and to ask hard questions to find better outcomes in their personal and professional lives.

I witnessed the dangers of substance abuse up close beginning at an early age. A number of the people who taught me those lessons are no longer with us. I take those lessons and use them to help others so their suffering will not be in vain.

I’ve had the privilege of learning the power of story from some of the most accomplished storytellers in the world. There is nothing more compelling and healing than being able to connect with another human being who has felt the same pain as you.

I learned the power of service from my professional experiences at Belmont. An organization cannot grow if its roots are not nurtured.

I was taught that anything good in this world must be earned. Every day I see students, entrepreneurs, electricians, painters, managers, etc. hone their God given talents and make this world a better place.

I believe in creating excellence for your clients and your team. I feel privileged that I get to work with organizations who take and celebrate that same approach.

I know if we want a better future for our community, we have to create it.


Your Voice Matters

Nashville needs to hear from you! You know the issues that Amy and I are passionate about, but our community vision is not complete without your input. What is your vision for District 4?